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How to be a Travel Consultant in Turkey?


Who Is A Travel Consultant?

A travel consultant is a professional title given to a person who sells a travel agent’s products through a call center or through a face-to-face interview with customers who reach travel agents at home or abroad. Deals with the sales and marketing of travel tickets direct the customer’s travel organization.

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What Does A Travel Consultant Do?

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Travel Advisor?

The duties and responsibilities of the Travel Advisor, who responds to customers ‘ questions about their travel plans and directs them to communicate well, are as follows:

Research and identify tourist places that may be of interest to people who will travel, conduct research and reviews,
Determine the time of stay and the routes that travelers will visit for their stay,
Prepare a travel program showing the historical, tourist, and cultural characteristics of the places to visit and calculate the cost,
Dialogue with tourism agencies,
Connect with the hotel, restaurant, and bus companies and ensure the implementation of tourist reservations,
Providing information on topics such as attractions, dates of trips, fees, and payments to persons or groups who apply to travel agents in person, by phone, letter or other means of communication, at home or abroad, and ensuring coordination for relevant reservations,
Process tourists ‘ information such as identification, address, phone numbers into the registry,
Advising registered customers about the travel schedule,
Placing baggage by filling and distributing tickets, invoices, and other related documents,
Meeting tourists, overseeing hotel placement,
Organizing guides and interpreters for the trip,
Make the necessary arrangements for special travel amenities and package tours or make other rentals,
Meet special trip demands,
To meet special needs related to Passport, Visa, and foreign exchange.

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How To Become A Travel Consultant?

Travel Advisor Training

The training required to become a travel consultant is as follows:
From the two-year associate degree programs of vocational high schools or universities (vocational high schools, Tourism /Hotel /travel agency /Guidance Department, etc.) graduates,
Graduating from one of the four-year undergraduate programs of universities,
Participating in relevant training programs and, in particular, one of the training programs of the International Air Transport Association (IATA),
Pass the relevant exam after training.



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