Frequently Asked Questions

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Decide your travel date and duration following you can get in touch with Romos Travel to create the best deal Turkey Tour package for you/your family...
Package tours cover Health insurance; however, we suggest getting your personal insurance besides.
Travel Agencies have to be licensed by TURSAB and accredited by the Ministry of Commerce. You need to check whether your agency is licensed. Also, you can check social media and other online channels about the comments for services. Apart from, What offers they have and what services included.
For some countries, no visa is applied for Turkey; however, the best solution is to check, the government website for the visa process.
There are more than 60 Tour packages in Turkey. Depends on your travel days and optional requests, it starts from 600 USD to 1900 USD(rates are all depending on group size and duration)
If you are in the middle ages between 25-40, best to travel in May, June.
If you are looking for ski resorts, December (end of), January, and February.

If you are above 40+, the best time travel is March, April.

If you are a family with kids, it is best to travel in August, September, October.

If you are a couple, Turkey is yours 🙂 but swimming period, May, June, July, August, September. Other periods are a bit cold and in Autumn mood.

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